5 years ViaCon Romania

5 years ViaCon Romania

Sep 26, 2015

5 years ago, a new journey began. The main propellants were: confidence, reliability, respect and enthusiasm. 

The road was difficult, similar in many cases with tightrope walking and it implied major sacrifices and risks. During these 5 years, our team aimed at fulfilling the relationship between colleagues, rather than focusing on ambition and self-pride. The company’s efficiency and productivity were based on team work, but mainly on our team’s cohesion. Moreover, the employees’ cohesion was the result of the attitude and the approach of the managerial team. 

The reality proves that competence and experience are not the attributes that grant the success of a company, the cohesion of the team work does and it is based on the person’s qualities and direct engagement. Besides professionalism and efficiency, the key of ViaCon’s success is the value of its employees. In our company, performance was linked to emotions, to the input of a piece of our souls. The efficiency and success of our team were not entirely the result of a pragmatic intelligence, but rather the product of the employees’ hard dedication, gifted with a plentiful emotional coefficient. 

 „We began our activity with a group of 4 people, but we made important steps regarding the development of the company and now we can look with pride at the past and with hope to the future. In these 5 years we relocated production units from the Western Europe to Romania, the investments being over 5 mil euro and this is just the beginning. Next year we will open a new production unit for manufacturing high-density polyethylene pipes. It is difficult to make predictions in what concerns the infrastructure field, but I am confident that the proficient Romanian companies will be more and more present on the market, thus we will be able to benefit from a modern, European road infrastructure.” - Răzvan Ionescu, general manager of ViaCon Romania.

These 5 years meant for ViaCon Romania more than a step forward in the implementation and the consolidation of the development plan. 

Thus, the company succeeded, by expanding its team of professionals, to address the demands of the market with high quality products through design, technical assistance, consultancy and quality in production.

The soul of the human being is THE KEY TO SUCCES! 


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