Acrow bridges

Acrow bridges

The Acrow systems have been used all over the world since 1970. Our engineers evaluate the necessities of our clients and then combine and match the suitable elements in order to create a bridge made of modular units, which can be rapidly transported and assembled in site. By rapidly combining the modular pieces we can build perfect bridges for specific needs, assembled and opened to traffic in a few days, maximum a few weeks. 

The Acrow bridges are in accordance with the requirements regarding the design norms applicable for the bridges used all over the world. 

The advantages of the Acrow system are the following:

  • being quick and easy to erect with minimal equipment, the construction time and the expenses with the manual labour are reduced;
  • size suitable for safe transport in standard containers, with advantageous costs; 
  • durable and reusable;  
  • hot-dipped zinc galvanized in order to eliminate the maintenance need;
  • the superstructures of the bridge are ready for the asphalt layer, or can be delivered covered with a layer of non-skidding aggregate or epoxide paint for roads, thus eliminating the need of laying additional road layers in site;   
  • installed permanently or temporarily;
  • available for rental or purchase;
  • their temporary usage increases the safety in traffic for both pedestrians and contractor’s staff;  
  • reduces the impact on the environment.

A simple bridge made of modular precast elements is often the best solution. The span and the width of the bridge can be expanded by doubling the modular elements, at the same time the bearing capacity is maximized, thus offering the perfect alternative for a special project.

Mobile bridges, which function as an elevator, can be designed and produced using the Acrow system, thus facilitating the naval traffic on a river. 

The bearing capacity of the Acrow bridges was tested in the laboratories of Lehigh University from Pennsylvania and by the competent authorities from Columbia. The Acrow systems are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, valid all over the world. The manufacturing process observes the standard requirements ISO9001 and AISC for Simple Bridges (American Institute of Steel Construction).


  • bridges with heavy traffic; 
  • temporary bridges; 
  • pedestrian bridges; 
  • in case of emergency;
  • to support existing structures. 

The support offered to our clients begins with the acquisition process. Our team of engineers has a vast knowledge in the field of bridge construction, and this knowledge is used in order to create innovative projects according to the exact necessities of the clients, fitting the budget. During the design and the assembly process, we put at the disposal of our clients professional technicians who work together with the clients in order for the bridge to be built adequately from the point of view of the financial investment but also from the technical and functional point of view. Our support does not end with the completion of the bridge: we remain at the disposal of our clients for consultancy as long as it is needed.  

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