Pecor Optima high-density polyethylene pipes

Pecor Optima high-density polyethylene pipes

The Pecor Optima pipes are produced from high-density polyethylene and have a double wall, the exterior part being helicoidally spiralled and the interior smooth. The unique spiral structural wall grants an optimal stress distribution on the whole pipe length and ensures the proper ring stiffness on each section. The smooth inside wall of Pecor Optima pipes allows the achievement of good hydraulic parameters.

The Pecor Optima high-density polyethylene pipes can be used as shafts or ecological passages for animals, under the roads, or railway culverts. Due to the fact that they are light-weighted, the Pecor Optima pipes can be installed easily, rapidly and with the cheapest equipment. Moreover, the Pecor Optima pipes can be used to repair old structures (concrete or brick shafts). This type of solution allows the consolidation of the old shaft without reconstructing it and without stopping the traffic in the area.  

The advantages of Pecor Optima pipes:

  • they do not not require heavy equipment during the installation process; 
  • vast usage possibilities due to the extended range of fittings; 
  • rapid and easy assembly due to the reduced weight; 
  • reduced transport costs; 
  • optimal hydraulic and resistance parameters;
  • resistance to corrosion; 
  • resistance to chemical substances; 
  • high resistance to the land stress; 
  • can be installed at low temperatures; 
  • available in several lengths according to the designs. 

The flexible pipe is designed to distribute the external loading towards the surrounding embankment. This kind of flexibility allows a unique tolerance when the ground settles, which in the case of a rigid structure can fail.

The Pecor Optima pipes do not need concrete end walls. In most cases, the ends of the pipe are oblique, and the bevel is paved with stones, granite, or concrete blocks, or other material available in the area, or grass is laid on top. 

Pecor Optima pipes are produced in the SN6 ring stiffness. The standard lengths of Pecor Optima pipes are 6 m, 7 m, 8 m. The production process allows the production of any length of pipe (max. up to 12 m) on demand. The diameters available are presented in the table below. The sections are connected with coupling bands.

Table 1 – Diameter of the Pecor Optima pipes 

Due to the fast assembly, to the hydraulic parameters and to the resistance, the system is well known both by designers and contractors.

Starting with February 2016, the Pecor Optima pipes are manufactured in Prejmer, Brasov county and can be transported anywhere in Europe.

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