MultiPlate metallic structures

MultiPlate metallic structures

The MultiPlate metallic structures are made of corrugated steel plates, joined together with high resistant bolts and nuts, the result being a system with multiple functions in the road infrastructure. 

These structures are produced according to the European standards and norms and are used in the road and railway infrastructure for any load class with a span of maximum 12 m. 

MultiPlate MP200 structures can be used as:

  • culverts;
  • bridges;
  • tunnels and ecological passages;
  • pedestrian tunnels;
  • hangars;
  • shelters;
  • warehouses;
  • belt conveyor protections;
  • ventilating ducts;
  • and for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures.


  • simple design due to the few details necessary and to the standard data base for applications; 
  • easy and rapid assembly; 
  • can be assembled at temperatures below 0 grades; 
  • can be put into position without stopping the traffic; 
  • the structure can be delivered partially preassembled; 
  • due to the small weight of the corrugated steel plates, they can be easily and economically delivered on long distances, reducing thus the time and cost for the installation of the structures. 

The MultiPlate is produced by the cold deformation of the corrugated steel plate which are then galvanized. The corrugated plates can also be painted if necessary.  

The standard length of the plate is n × s + 120, where s = 235 mm and n = 4 ÷ 10. The standard width of the plate is of 1,2 m (m = 6). Other widths are available on demand.  

The MultiPlate steel standard is S235MC, S355MC.

The corrosion resistance of the steel is the main factor which influences the durability of the MultiPlate structures. Long-term tests performed in many countries proved that a proper corrosion protection of the steel structure would prolong its service time. 

The galvanization of the structures represents the most durable protection of the surfaces, basically because by submerging it in molten zinc, the steel base and the zinc form a durable connection. 

The durability of the MultiPlate structures can be longer than one hundred years due to the zinc layers which grant the so called cathodic protection.

The MultiPlate structures are designed to distribute the external load in the embankment. A galvanized steel structure, well positioned, assembled on a correctly prepared foundation and surrounded by an embankment made of carefully compacted stable material, will function efficiently and correctly on the entire service time for which it was designed.  

The flexibility of the structure makes it possible to attain an unencountered tolerance regarding the dimensional or placement changes, which in the case of rigid structures often leads to the appearance of cracks.

In view of choosing the optimal specifications of the pipe, the MultiPlate structures require a technical project which includes the load bearing and the hydrological and geological conditions. 

The general technical conditions and the physical-mechanical characteristics of the steel shall be in accordance with the specifications drafted by the supplier and/or according to the technical agreement. 

The Multiplate structures can be equipped with additional elements, depending on the structure function: 

  • lighting boxes;
  • ventilation;
  • shelves for animals;
  • technological holes;
  • connection pipes;
  • others.

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