Oil separators

Oil separators

Oil separators function as a decentralized system of rain water treatment. Their role is to separate and retain in suspension the hydrocarbons and the matters, making thus possible the drainage of the rain waters collected from the roads in soils or directly in the draining system network (thus extending its service life). 

The oil separator is meant to separate and retain the mud and the hydrocarbons from the rain or residual waters. It functions through the density difference between the water and the hydrocarbons. 

According to the standard EN 858 – 1, the two classes which classify the maximal residual concentration of the maximum residual concentration of the hydrocarbons treated in an oil separator are:

  • NTPA 001 - class 1 < 5mg/l; 
  • NTPA 002 -class 2 < 100 mg/l.

The type of an oil separator is selected according to several parameters: 

  • the class in which the residual concentration of the residual water fits before the evacuation from the separator; 
  • the discharge of the residual water which will be treated; 
  • the covered and uncovered surface; 
  • the density of the hydrocarbons in the residual waters; 
  • the quantity of hydrocarbons that needs to be separated; 
  • the mud content. 

Field of application: 

  • discharge openings of the rain waters in the cities; 
  • parking areas;
  • gas stations;
  • car wash.


  • design and manufacture according to the European Standard SR EN-858;
  • coalescent filter included; 
  • consequent resistance due to the production material: corrugated galvanized sheet (treatment 600 µ/m² de zinc + Treanchcoat protection foil);
  • collects the sediment from the surface waters (pluvial);
  • separates and retains the hydrocarbons; 
  • extends the silting period of the pipes which collect the rain waters;
  • service time of approx. 100 years;
  • minimal maintenance costs due to the interior surface which is resistant and easy to clean; 
  • reduced installation costs due to the assembled delivery, ready to be installed. 

The oil separators are manufactured in Prejmer, Brasov county and can be transported anywhere in Europe.

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