SuperCor metallic structures

SuperCor metallic structures

SuperCor structures are the new generation of flexible structures made of galvanized corrugated steel plates of a very high stiffness. The load capacity of SuperCor is far higher than in the case of the traditional structures made of corrugated steel, due to the high moment of inertia, originating from the corrugation type. SuperCor structures are used under roads and railways. Spans can reach 25 m.

SuperCor structures are used for roads and railways and industrial applications like: 

  • bridges,
  • overpasses,
  • tunnels,
  • culverts,
  • underpasses,
  • pedestrian tunnels,
  • ecological crossings, hangars,
  • shelters,
  • underground storages.

The advantages of SuperCor structures are:

  • modern structures, the Eurocodes are used for the drawings and the calculations database;
  • easy and fast assembly;
  • possibility of assembly in temperatures below zero;
  • easy maintenance during the operation time;
  • Minimum maintenance costs – in comparison with the classical solutions, the metallic bridges need significantly less maintenance. Periodical inspections are necessary, but there are no expensive elements that need maintenance, or to be replaced.
  • Ecological solutions – the protection of the natural habitats and the improvement of the quality of the environment are other major advantages of using metallic structures with big spans. Moreover, they can be installed in different accessories in order to ensure the migration of the fauna. 
  • Modern construction solution – these solutions eliminate the use of contraction joints and of the covering devices of the contraction joints, elements which are weak points in the case of the concrete bridges. Furthermore, the appearance of differential settlements in the asphaltic layer is significantly reduced by creating an elastic environment, in comparison with the rigid environment of the concrete structures. 

The production process of SuperCor structures consists of the mechanical forming of steel sheets into the shape of corrugated sheets which are later hot-dip galvanized. The producing of holes and the cutting are performed prior to the galvanization. The corrugated plates can be epoxy painted upon request. The steel used for producing the SuperCor structures is in accordance with the EN 10149-2 or EN 10025-2. The quality of the steel is S315MC.

The SuperCor structures are protected against corrosion according to EN ISO 1461. The thickness of the zinc layer can be modified upon request. The protection of the structure through galvanization and epoxy paint is according to EN ISO 12944-5, thus the durability of the SuperCor structure can be of over 100 years.

If necessary, the SuperCor structures can have an additional zinc layer, or anti-corrosion protection with epoxy paint. These solutions are to be applied in the case of aggressive environments.  

The SuperCor structures can be equipped with additional elements, depending on the structure function: 

  • lighting boxes;
  • ventilation;
  • shelves for animals;
  • technological holes;
  • connection pipes;
  • others.

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